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Designing of boiler plants

Every second boiler plant’s equipment in Russia is too old and needs to be replaced. In this connection, the constructing of boiler plants in the realities of the current state of public utilities is an urgent task that requires a thorough and professional approach to all stages of construction process.

Any constructing begins with designing. Mistakes and omissions, made during the design stage, may adversely affect the installation stage and further exploitation of the boiler plant, as well as they may lead to a rise of estimated cost of construction.

At a pre-designing stage, there is a calculation of projected boiler plant power taking place, based on the available data, by defining of the optimal scheme of heat supply, the number and brand of heat generating equipment. At this stage, an indicative budget of the project is determined. After compiling (together with the Customer) technical specifications for the design and technical conditions, the work of designing begins.

Based on the previous decisions, boiler plants may be both stationary and transportable in modular form, can operate on gasoline and diesel or fuel oil as a backup fuel.


Heat generating plants (boilers), heat exchangers;

– gas pipelines, gas control equipment, metering of gas;
– technological pipelines, steam lines;
– heating networks, heating units;
– water supply and sewerage;
– heating and ventilation;

Water preparation::

– chemical water treatment;
– deaerators;
– storage of salt, chemicals;


– self-supporting chimneys;
– chimneys with braces;

Reservoir tanks filled with hot and cold water.
Treatment facilities.
Transforming substations and electric power equipment;
Automation and control;
Security and fire alarms.
Fuel facilities:

– storage tanks for diesel fuel, fuel oil;
– backup pump;
– storage of liquefied petroleum gas

Objects of electricity power, being under the Federal Law of the 21. July 1997 116-FZ «About industrial safety of hazardous production facilities», are considered hazardous production facilities (HPF), supervised by Rostehnadzor. In this connection, the design of these facilities requires strict compliance with the rules and regulations of such documents as SNIP II-35-76 «Boilers plants»; PB 12-529-03 «Safety rules of gas distribution and gas consumption»; «Rules of construction and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers» and several others. For the same reason, the completed project documentation for the boiler plant construction (hazardous production facilities) must undergo an examination of industrial safety for compliance with safety requirements.

Industrial safety expertise of a project and technical equipment is the most important stage of the complex work conducted prior to construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of an object. During this examination, any inconsistencies with the requirements established by RTN are revealed. During the examination of industrial safety of designing documentation, a separate part of the project as well as the entire project can be analyzed. In addition to passing the examination of industrial safety, the project is required to coordinate with all the operational organizations and other bodies.

The experience, gained in implementing of projects in the energy sector, allows experts of GOC «Teplocentrstroy», considering all the characteristics of each object, to work through all the technological details and to bring the work to its logical final. This is possible especially due to, the integrated approach in the implementation of a project, beginning with designing, through constructing, commissioning and completing the object.

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