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Supply centers (SC)

SC is a generator voltage switchgear power or switchgear of secondary voltage step-down substation, joined the network of distributors.

Designed to receive the transmission electric power production and distribution of electric energy in the district at the place of accommodation.

SCs fall into open and closed types. The main elements of the substation are: power transformers, autotransformers, implementing structures for overhead power lines, open and closed switchgear, including systems and sections of switches, circuit breakers, instrumentation, high frequency communication equipment, control devices, internal needs systems, protection systems, automation and control.

Given the ever increasing demand for electricity among consumers of different categories, it is crucial in the design of substations (SS) to determine as accurate as possible: the power of the SS, its place (value) in the electrical system, the prospects of loads growth.
While designing, it is important to decide on land allocation and accordingly choose the type of SS (there are closed switchgear increasingly used in dense urban areas). For substations, located in open areas, it is important to consider climatic and wind loads, seismic and sleet.


SS is a high-tech construction project, which automatically implies the use of advanced technologies and materials, as well as attraction of highly qualified engineers and workers.

Since there are various types of equipment installed and put into operation at the substation, including communications equipment, relay protection and automation and auxiliary equipment, it is necessary to link into one process all the participants of construction as soon as possible, in order to avoid «crossing» of different parts of the work.

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