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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) — technology, methods, equipment

GOC “Teplocentrstroy” offers a full range of services related to horizontal directional drilling. Our organization was one of the pioneers of this method and has been an active member of RSTTI (Russian Society for Trenchless Technologies Implementation). Our experience allows us to formulate clear and realistic proposals regarding the price and terms. We have all the necessary equipment and the most modern machines to perform horizontal directional drilling (including drilling rigs of Vermeer company), and our experts have been constantly improving their skills.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a unique technology proposed in the eighties of the last century by the US’s engineers. The main purpose of the new technology was to minimize the inconvenience caused by disturbance of the infrastructure and the normal rhythm of life in places where work for laying pipes and cables was in process. Today horizontal directional drilling, along with other trenchless methods of utilities laying, has almost completely replaced the traditional open (trench) method in Europe. The open method is simply banned in many major European cities.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) acquires a special role when it comes to laying cables or pipes under the ponds or ecologically valuable objects, such as parks, squares etc., or under the architecturally valuable buildings, busy highways, railways. In such places, laying with the open method would cause a lot of negative consequences. They would have to spend time and money on earthworks (while trenches would go a roundabout way), and then on landscaping.

Therefore, the advantages of HDD technology become obvious both in terms of minimizing moral hazard and from an economic point of view: in fact, there is cost reduced and time saved due to a very significant reduction of earthworks while using horizontal directional drilling. There are excluded costs of time and money on landscaping, which would inevitably arise while using the open way.

The benefits of HDD:


The Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) allows to create complex configuration channels that bypass any obstacles.


Devices control ensures the precise laying of the route, taking into account all the previously laid underground utilities and excluding their possible damage.


The most important benefit is that horizontal directional drilling (HDD) allows the outer coating to be untouched: flower beds, lawns, pavements and roads, buildings and structures. Therefore, the rhythm of citizens’ life and organizations’ functioning in the area of works does not change.

The horizontal directional drilling technology involves three steps:


The soil is “punctured” in a predetermined direction using a special drill bit having a beveled end. This is how the trajectory line for utilities laying is determined;

Controlling of position and movement of the drill is exercised by using a special radar, that processes a signal of an emitter transmitter integrated in the drill bit;

Visual information about the location of the drilling bit is displayed on the monitor of the drilling rig’s operator;
These data allow us to monitor a compliance of the utilities laying trajectory to the parameters specified in the project.


The extension is implemented after completion of the pilot drilling;
Instead of the drill bit, an extender of retroactive effect is used as a nozzle;
The extender is pulled through the hole in the direction of the drill by employing traction with simultaneous rotation. It extends the pilot hole to the desired diameter (the diameter of the hole should be 20-30% higher than the diameter of the pipe).


On the opposite side, there is a flexible pipeline with a metal end and with a so-called swivel (a special hinge capturing the horizontal exertion);
The swivel allows the drill string and the extender to rotate, but the pipeline itself does not rotate;
The pipeline feed is drawn into the well and moved to the desired levels.

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