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Water supply and sewerage

Any constructing of a residential or industrial facility starts primarily with placing the most important utilities – water supply and sewerage.

The company «Teplocentrstroy» has extensive experience in designing and constructing of main and internal networks of water supply and sewerage of different diameter, complexity and length.

By designing documentation, we pay special attention to geological bases of a route, its purpose, the prospects for further development of the network; specifics of soil and climatic conditions, how much water and of what quality is required to supply to this object and take down to the drain. To solve this problem, it is necessary to take into account all possible consumers of water and understand their requirements for the quantity and quality of water supplied and sewerage.

The method of routing is determined by density of housing, existence of socially significant, culturally, historically, and ecologically valuable objects, etc.

Our organization has a great experience in completing a full range of services in constructing and designing of new engineering utilities and in repairing of existing ones:

Sewerage and water supply networks are divided into the following types, depending on the use:

Laying of water pipes and sewerage systems for industrial purposes is a complex process that requires special knowledge and experience for being performed in a high quality. The complexity of this type of construction works is due to the fact, that the requirements for laying such technological utilities are quite high. The company “Teplocentrstroy» has modern materials, the latest technologies and equipment, qualified personnel to meet all the customers’ requirements for technological water supply and sewerage.

External sewage networks are designed to collect wastewater from buildings and structures, and to transport it further to the dumping site.

Own fleet of unique equipment and a high level of staff professionalism of the company allow us to perform a wide variety of projects in utilities constructing:

Constructing of sewerage and water supply networks for office centers, shopping pavilions, substations, industrial enterprises requires a high level of professionalism of the builder.

Therefore, the right choice of a reliable builder, that has proven itself in the field of design and installation of pipelines for various purposes, is the key to quality of work performance and stability of the object. The company “Teplocentrstroy» has extensive experience in the successful implementation of projects in varying complexities.

Our organization builds water supply and sewage, using the latest technologies in trenchless pipe laying that allows us to perform the most complex tasks in a modern city conditions with its crazy rhythm: mad transport traffic, unhappy, and often angry inhabitants, impatient customers, tense urban areas. These are the unfavorable conditions, which modern builders have to work in while laying or repairing pipelines in the modern metropolis conditions. It would seem being just a trivial task for a modest team of workers to develop a trench and lay a pipe in there, but it is becoming almost impossible in a modern city. How many obstacles in this situation may face a builder? A lot: design, various approvals, required storage or removal of soil when digging trenches, opening tracks and roads closure during constructing, restoring road surface after construction, cleaning the site and preservation of plants and trees in the area of digging, the danger of opening other underground utilities, let alone a significant increase in the cost of such a constructing process. Many of these problems can be neutralized by new trenchless technologies for laying pipelines. Methods of such a trenchless pipe laying should be determined by professionals, based on the conjecture in the construction zone. Anyway, the trenchless technology, among all known methods of laying, is a convenient means to reach the goal. Convenience of trenchless pipe laying methods compared to the open laying is in speed, economy, comfort, environmental, automation of laying processes.

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